Presentation time

Hi everybody,

i’m Francesca, an italian  24 years girl that decided to share her experience in Sweden.

Why I am here? It is a long story, actually.

Few years ago I was still afraid to leave my family, my friends and my country. I have a friend that left Italy long time ago and I was looking at here with admiration, thinking I would not be able to do the same.

So, after the bachelor in Italy (with not the expected results) I decided to leave my country and start a master degree in Sweden. It wasn’t an easy decision – as you can imagine – and it required to me a lot of time and determination. But I made it. Right now it is 2 months and a half that I am arrived in Karlstad, a sunny city in the southern Sweden.

I am really enjoying my time here and looking online I found a lot of people interested in this fascinating country, and I want to share my opinion in order to make people know more about Sweden and Swedes… especially if someone wants to move here I think it is nice to have some experience to look at.

If you need info or advice about Sweden or Swedish do not hesitate to contact me (you can find everything you need in the Contact box), I would be glad to help you.