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Una generosa spolverata di bianco

Seconda nevicata dell’anno nel giro di una settimana. La prima era talmente poca che la mattina seguente era già sciolta e non ho potuto immortalarla, ma ora finalmente si inizia a fare sul serio. Vi lascio alcune foto. Non ne ho fatte tante perché mi si congelavano le mani, förlåt. *Comunicazione di servizio: siete liberissimi…… Continua a leggere Una generosa spolverata di bianco

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The “focaccia” according to Sweden

Liguria is a Northern region of Italy. I am a Ligurian. And in my region that are just 4 things you don’t dare to touch: money, pesto, fish and focaccia. We are proud of them and you have to like them and do them properly, if you really want to try. We have a special…… Continua a leggere The “focaccia” according to Sweden


Homemade kannebullar! (finally)

After having spent 6 months in Sweden (almost), I felt the duty to bake the legendary and fantastic Swedish kannelbullar, that in US and UK are known as cinnamons rolls. Swedes love them, and so do I. I wanted to prove myself that I was able to bake something. Especially a Swedish traditional sweet and feel a little bit…… Continua a leggere Homemade kannebullar! (finally)

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Sweden, a country against GHG emissions

A lot of people has this strong conception about Scandinavian countries, Sweden included, as a green paradise, where environment is respected and preserved at any cost. Is it really like that and if yes, what these country are doing? About Sweden, I live there, and I can say yes, there is care about environmental issue.…… Continua a leggere Sweden, a country against GHG emissions