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Peaceful Sweden

Italian version (for the english one scroll down!) Le giornate iniziano ad accorciarsi (alle 18 e 30 è praticamente notte) e l’incombenza dell’inverno si fa più forte che mai. Quindi quando c’è una giornata di sole si sente la necessità di approfittarne. Stare a casa è vietato. Oggi con la bici sono andata ad Alster,…… Continua a leggere Peaceful Sweden

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The “focaccia” according to Sweden

Liguria is a Northern region of Italy. I am a Ligurian. And in my region that are just 4 things you don’t dare to touch: money, pesto, fish and focaccia. We are proud of them and you have to like them and do them properly, if you really want to try. We have a special…… Continua a leggere The “focaccia” according to Sweden


Min första bok på svenska

My Swedish is slowly improving and I can announce that I decided to prove myself, leaving for one moment the text book and other didactic material to start to “touch” to the real Swedish. So, I borrowed from the library this little book for children. I´m actually really happy about this step more I’ve decided…… Continua a leggere Min första bok på svenska


Homemade kannebullar! (finally)

After having spent 6 months in Sweden (almost), I felt the duty to bake the legendary and fantastic Swedish kannelbullar, that in US and UK are known as cinnamons rolls. Swedes love them, and so do I. I wanted to prove myself that I was able to bake something. Especially a Swedish traditional sweet and feel a little bit…… Continua a leggere Homemade kannebullar! (finally)


SFI course: Q&A + my experience

Hej! Jag är lite sjuk, hur mår du? Jag hoppas allt är bra med er. (Hey! I´m a little bit sick, how are you? I hope everything is fine.) A lot of people is asking me about the Svenska För invandrare, the Swedish course for immigrants (commonly known as SFI) that the municipalities in Sweden generally offer…… Continua a leggere SFI course: Q&A + my experience

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Sweden, a country against GHG emissions

A lot of people has this strong conception about Scandinavian countries, Sweden included, as a green paradise, where environment is respected and preserved at any cost. Is it really like that and if yes, what these country are doing? About Sweden, I live there, and I can say yes, there is care about environmental issue.…… Continua a leggere Sweden, a country against GHG emissions


6 singers & groups you didn’t know were Swedish!

Everybody knows the Swedish band ABBA, but there are other artists that maybe you didn’t know are from Sweden but… they are! 1. Robyn Born in Stockholm, she is a well-known pop singer: she started her professional career under the name of Robyn in 1995. She founded her own label, bored by the international music…… Continua a leggere 6 singers & groups you didn’t know were Swedish!


Back to Italy for Christmas Holidays!

Finally the university published the time schedule for the next courses and I have been able today to start to look for a flight to come back to my country. I always check Ryanair firstly because in the route Goteborg – Milan Bergamo is good (two flight per week) and you do not have to change.…… Continua a leggere Back to Italy for Christmas Holidays!