Back to Italy for Christmas Holidays!

Finally the university published the time schedule for the next courses and I have been able today to start to look for a flight to come back to my country.

I always check Ryanair firstly because in the route Goteborg – Milan Bergamo is good (two flight per week) and you do not have to change.

So, I checked and no available seats. And I started to look for every single possible combination for every low cost company… also Rome as destination – that is quite far from my city – but i found NOTHING till March. I was… shocked.

And I started to get in panic (as always – I am really an anxious person, I have to admit) and I pictured myself alone in the campus the Christmas eve. Not the best, to be honest.

I really like this quite and pacific Swedish city but I really need to stay with my family. Last Christmas I was not able to return to Italy because of a misunderstanding with my boss (really, it was so disappointing) and, obviously, Italian Christmas is full of traditions and especially amazing food and a lot of good mood. It is also in Poland if you have a family, but if you are alone it is quite different and sad.

So, I could not accept it and I started to look for other companies, and Lufthansa saved me.

I have never been talking a flag carrier before, always low cost companies as Ryanair or Wizzair. Not because I am poor (and I am not rich) but because I have been living in small cities and these companies are the best when you do not have interest in the main hubs, and you do not really want to change one or two times (I am going to hate so much this part of the trip, I already know!).

So, I am going to spend almost 20 days at my hometown. I am really happy about that. Cannot wait!

It is going to be freaking crazy because I will have to take the train from Karlstad to Goteborg and spend 4 hours during the night in Goteborg’s train station and after I will have to go from Milan to my city but it is doable. I am going to lose one lesson and I will come back to Karlstad the afternoon before the presentation of the assignment regarding that lesson and I will be dead… but it is totally fine. Worth it!  #goodnews


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